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“The MMA has a lot of info on digital advertising which I found very helpful in filling in my new role at Mediahuis.” Product Manager Digital Advertising, Mediahuis, Belgium

“The content on the MMA is of a very high quality and very useful for a large group of professionals.” Director Consumers – Telegraaf Media Groep, The Netherlands

“I would highly recommend the courses to my editorial team leads, and I think the business would benefit from us being exposed to more of the theory behind the commercial and sales aspects.” Managing Editor: Lifestyle,, South Africa

“Since I am looking to invest in innovative media & tech ventures in the digital media field I find it essential to be up-to-date with the publishing world’s challenges, priorities and way forward.”
Investment Manager Digital Media, Wille Finance AG, Switzerland

“Totally professional. UX is simple & well-organised. Easy to use. Content is in-depth.”
Editor-in-Chief, upday, Poland

“The structure of the course was very good. The case studies were inspiring.”
London-based Journalist, United Kingdom

“I’m impressed with the depth of content and the professionalism of the video lessons. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product.”
Business Development / Social Media, Rhein Main Digital GmbH, Germany