Podcast: Where are the women? Finding gender balance in the news

Estimated time: 30 mins

Listen to and reflect on this WAN-IFRA Women in News podcast about gender balance in the news.

Often, without even realising it, much of the media we consume is dominated by men. Men’s voices and men’s perspectives account for roughly 75% of the news. Yet, women make up half the population. Research has shown that stories that feature women are more widely read by women. So, why does this imbalance persist and how can news organisations shift how they represent women? Listen to how some have done it, with tips on measuring the problem, and ways to fix it.

In this episode:
Kesewa Henessey (twitter.com/HennessyKesewa), Digital editor for engagement, Financial Times (www.ft.com/stream/4b28a9de-fbd…6-b513-dc0c47fa0109)
Vincent Kahiya (twitter.com/vtkahiya), veteran journalist in Zimbabwe, lead trainer, Women in News programme (www.womeninnews.org/).
Mona Magdy, lead trainer, Women in News programme (www.womeninnews.org/), MENA region.


If needed, the podcast can be e-mailed in three parts for easier download. Please email i[email protected].