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This is a practical and professional online training and certification program, that aims to enhance your knowledge on how to achieve digital revenue! It offers news publishers lessons on digital business models, with necessary tools and best practices used in the industry. It is an engaging platform where you can glance insight from industry experts, share your newsroom experiences with fellow publishers, and achieve certification in the industry’s only complete digital revenue programme.

Our e-learning platform is divided in six main courses. Each course has been expertly designed and produced using state of the art interactive video techniques to enhance your experience. The courses are led by our expert trainers, who have experience in digital transformation in the news media industry. With their extensive knowledge, accrued from working with global publications, they share their experiences in detail within every course.

We encourage you to choose the ones best suited for your professional interests! Although we recommend watching the entire course, we also want our participants to get exactly what they need from it. This is why we give you the option to choose from the following courses, based on your professional interests:

• Digital Revenue Strategy & Diversification
• Paid Content & Reader Revenue
• Digital Ads: Formats & Marketplaces
• Digital Ads: Sales & Execution
• Digital Ads: Data & Analytics
• Innovation & Integrating StartUp Culture

You can access each of these courses by clicking on them in the list below.

Once you complete the required lessons within a course, you will also need to pass a series of quizzes – testing your knowledge and challenging you to apply your learnings in the workplace. Once you finalise the quizzes for each course, you will need to submit your Final project. You will then be awarded with a “Certificate of Completion” which is presented by WAN-IFRA and is recognised by the world’s largest press organisation.
Once again, welcome to MMA and good luck in becoming a digital media expert!

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  In the face of industry disruption, having a digital strategy and developing digital new products are key to survival. This course is intended to help you understand disruption, develop a digital strategy, cultivate…

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  There are still big opportunities to maximise publisher revenue from digital advertising. As attention shifts to mobile, it’s important to understand the key formats and the ad tech that underpins sales and delivery.…

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  Data is a powerful resource, and every publisher should be exploring ways to tap into its full potential. This course will guide you through understanding how to apply data to enhance your user’s…

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  This course is about how you can generate revenue by understanding customers, designing new digital products, and building a team with the right incentive structure. Peter Lamb is a media strategy consultant with…

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  In recent years, digital paid content has been on the rise as more publishers realise that digital advertising alone will not be able to sustain quality journalism. This course shows you how paid…

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  Innovation is at the core of survival in this age of change. How can publishers learn the tools of innovation to harness technology, bring together resources and ensure sustainability? This course looks at…

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Participant Feedback

What are the MMA users saying?

Katrien Berte

“The MMA has a lot of info on digital advertising which I found very helpful in filling in my new role at Mediahuis.” Product Manager Digital Advertising, Mediahuis, Belgium

Xavier van Leeuwe

“The content on the MMA is of a very high quality and very useful for a large group of professionals.” Director Consumers – Telegraaf Media Groep, The Netherlands

Xavier van Leeuwe https://www.tmg.nl/

Adele Hamilton

"I would highly recommend the courses to my editorial team leads, and I think the business would benefit from us being exposed to more of the theory behind the commercial and sales aspects." Managing Editor: Lifestyle, 24.com, South Africa

Adele Hamilton https://www.24.com

The six courses in this e-learning platform embolden publishers to examine the diverse facets of digital revenue, and to apply the principal learnings from each into their newsrooms and businesses.

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